What I've been up to

June 30th 2021


Hey, it's been a while...

Since the pandemic so much has changed in my life. It might be apparent because I failed to publish the promised second part of Codename: Crow. In reality, not only did I fail to publish it. It is still in a stage of being written. Or not. It is actually not even closed to be finished yet.

It's frustrating, yes. But it's like the Japanese say- shoganai.

I apologize for being late. But life happened. In many ways, actually. Covid put me in a bad mental state and the fact that borders were closed and thus my whole life being halted didn't really help. Well, I'm not here to complain. It is what it is. This is supposed to be some sort of update. That would imply that there was one, right. 

There is one of some sort. I wasn’t just sitting around. I graduated (kinda) from University. And I’m actually working on a contract basis in a local teaching establishment. Surprisingly, I am enjoying it very much. It’s a very helpful experience.

I also finished a so-called TEFL certificate. TEFL stands for teaching English as a foreign language. I can now say that I’m a certified English teacher-- quelle horreur. I know. It’s good, though. It puts me in a better position if the borders finally open up. Because until writing finally actually gets anywhere close to paying my bills, I do need a “real” job… And as I said: I actually don’t mind teaching at all. 

Now, I’m expanding my certificate. There are some extension packs you can do so I’m doing that. I’m also still teaching. And yes, I do plan on publishing part 2. Just give me some time. If I want to do well, I need it. 

Until then.

See you later,


Mir wiegt das Herz so schwer
wie graue Wolken am Himmelszelt.
Und ich frag mich, wie’s wohl wär
in einer anderen, fremden Welt.

© Yana Schumacher