I moved to Japan?

March 29th 2022


It's as the title suggests. I moved to Japan.

What might seem like a rushed decision has actually always been a dream of mine. Not one I actually planned on making reality, though.

When I was younger, like 14, I wanted to move far away to a country I had - by then - never visited. Now, over 10 years (I'm old) later, I actually did it.

It's not forever. I don't plan on growing old here. But little 14 year old me would be impressed to say the least. So... what have I been doing? Well, I have not been writing my book. Since the pandemic, my book has moved far down on my list of priorities. Moving was a big hurdle to overcome and now girl has got to earn money first and foremost. But I think I will finally be able to create a space for creativity again. So maybe not this year, but maybe for next year, I am hoping to finally (!!) put out the second part of Codename: Crow. And I have also been working on my long term, "feels-more-like-my-child" project recently. I have no idea, when I will be able to finish it. But one day, one day...

Anyways, I have not been too active on any socials since I moved. My book instagram has been practically dead, I am sorry. I will try to be better.

Until next time.

Mir wiegt das Herz so schwer
wie graue Wolken am Himmelszelt.
Und ich frag mich, wie’s wohl wär
in einer anderen, fremden Welt.

© Yana Schumacher